Tremough House
TH Old Chapel Lecture Available until 18:00 (3:49 hours)
TH Sem U Unavailable
TH Sem V Unavailable
TH Sem W Unavailable
TH Sem X Unavailable
TH Sem Y Unavailable
TH Sem Z Unavailable
TH Tut T1 Unavailable
TH Tut T2 Unavailable
TH Tut T3 Unavailable
TH Tut T4 Unavailable
DM Lect A Available until 16:30 (2:19 hours)
DM IT Training Suite Unavailable
DM Lect B Unavailable
DM Sem C Unavailable
DM Sem D Unavailable
DM Sem E Unavailable
DM Sem F Unavailable
DM Sem G Unavailable
DM Sem H Unavailable
DM Sem I Unavailable
DM Sem J Unavailable
DM Sem K Unavailable
DM Sem L Unavailable
DM Sem M Unavailable
DM Sem N Unavailable
DM Tut O Unavailable
DM Tut P Unavailable
DM Tut Q Unavailable
DM Tut R Unavailable
DM Tut S Unavailable
Peter Lanyon
PL Seminar 05 Available until 16:00 (1:49 hours)
PL Lecture 1 Unavailable
PL Lecture 2 Unavailable
PL Lecture 3 Unavailable
PL Lecture 4 Unavailable
PL Lecture 5 Unavailable
PL Room 11 Unavailable
PL Seminar 02 Unavailable
PL Seminar 03 Unavailable
PL Seminar 04 Unavailable
PL Seminar 06 Unavailable
PL Seminar 07 Unavailable
PL Seminar 08 Unavailable
PL Seminar 09 Unavailable
PL Seminar 10 Unavailable
Falmouth Campus
Lecture Theatre 1 Available until 17:00 (2:49 hours)
Lecture Theatre 2 Unavailable
MAC Training Suite Unavailable
Newsroom/PC Suite Unavailable
Seminar A Unavailable
Seminar B Unavailable
Seminar D Unavailable
Seminar E Unavailable
Seminar F (Treetops) Unavailable
The Hub 1 Unavailable
The Hub 2 Unavailable
EXCH Blue Unavailable
EXCH Green Unavailable
EXCH Lec Unavailable
EXCH Red Unavailable
EXCH Yellow Unavailable